Hiring Great Teachers is Not an End Result, But a By-product

Merriam-Webster defines “by-product” as:

  • something that is produced during the production or destruction of something else, or
  • something that happens as a result of something else

Teachers are not dumb. Which may sound like a big “duh.” They can quickly see through flashy and clichéd recruitment efforts and determine if there is substance to what is being shared. The only way to recruit and retain the very best teachers is to provide something of substance.

Great teachers have the luxury of choosing which school they will join, so you have to ask yourself the question: why would great teachers want to come to ABC School or ABC School District? Here is the best advice I can give: Ask your best teachers what they want, then provide it.

Once you do, your recruitment pitch becomes a promise to teachers that you are doing more than filling a slot, you are investing in their success. This will allow you to hire more great teachers. Because this is a by-product of what you are providing your current teachers.