Four Guiding Questions For Staffing Innovation

When it comes to a topic as complex as staffing innovation, it’s hard to know where to begin. Here are four simple guiding questions that can help you successfully focus your efforts:

1. Why create new teaching roles?
In Bryson City, North Carolina, there is a literal road that leads to nowhere. Keep this in mind when embarking on any journey, whether it’s a vacation or a new career pathway. The only way you will arrive at your destination is if you set desired goals and outcomes. Without these guidelines, you can easily get lost.

2. How will you create these roles?
Without a doubt, there will be roadblocks and obstacles along the way in creating new roles for teachers. It’s important to identify these obstacles from the start, and formulate a plan to overcome them. Keep in mind that some obstacles will be very real, while some will merely be perceived.

3. What type of roles do you want to create?
Do not merely retitle a role or add a new responsibility to an ever-growing list of demands already falling on the shoulders of the best teachers. Instead, these new roles must be fundamentally different and serve different purposes. They should help you achieve your goals where the previous roles have failed. And we all know that failure can lead to some inappropriate coping strategies.

*Disclaimer: Booze catalog is for humor purposes only and should never be created in a school environment 🙂

4. Who needs to be involved in the process?
Remember, a school or district has many different stakeholders. It is important to identify these groups up front, and then determine the role they should play in the creation and development of new teacher roles. Collaboration is key to success. The mistake to engage and bring along all stakeholders will certainly lead to frustration, setbacks or failure. But with the right strategies in place, and the right partners on the journey, you will be on the road to something extraordinary.