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Big picture thinking with an eye on every detail.

Resolve Talent Consulting understands the mounting challenges of school systems across the nation. Success isn’t possible without the right talent. Change isn’t productive unless it’s sustainable.

We continue to build on our successful partnerships with school systems eager to meet the demands of a new era of education. Through top-down assessment and innovative strategies, we help our clients battle the status quo and win the war for talent, with student achievement as the ultimate victory.

Dan Swartz

Dan Swartz

Managing Director

Dan founded Resolve Talent Consulting because he saw how the principles of business could impact the world of education. Beginning his career in financial services at Wells Fargo, he moved into the role of human resources recruiting manager, and quickly found his area of passion and expertise as an educational recruiting specialist. With Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) in North Carolina, Dan was instrumental in several successful initiatives and strategies. He worked with principals and administrative leadership to improve processes, protocols, and technology adoption, and managed staffing needs and HR-related issues for the district’s Title I and highest-need schools. He next progressed to the position of Human Capital Strategies Specialist for Project L.I.F.T., a public/private partnership to improve student achievement and staff retention within the most challenging and underperforming schools in CMS. Dan transformed the high-turnover environment of these schools by securing more than 200 high-quality teachers each year. He also helped to bring Opportunity Culture to CMS, making the school system the first in the nation to implement an acclaimed model for recognizing and rewarding the highest-performing teachers.

Dan’s proven track record of leadership and innovation makes him uniquely qualified to serve the clients of Resolve Talent Consulting. He works closely with school systems to improve processes and develop the most effective tactics for teacher recruitment, retention, recognition, and evaluation. With a collaborative approach and a focus on providing data for continuous improvement and evaluation, Dan drives the vision of Resolve Talent Consulting: to give school systems the consistent support and leading-edge strategies they need to accomplish even the most ambitious goals.

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