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Hire Earlier, Hire Better


Our client, a large urban school district, was struggling to become more competitive in attracting the best teacher talent. Timing was a tremendous factor. Traditionally the district did not allocate its most significant recruitment funds until the summer, meaning that the majority of teachers were not hired until July and August – long after the top candidates had been hired by other school districts.


Resolve Talent Consulting partnered with our client to implement a new hiring strategy. The timing shifted from late summer to March through early June. In the year before Resolve’s engagement, the schools hired 48 percent of their teachers in the spring and early summer, when the best candidates were most actively looking for jobs. With their new timing strategy in place with Resolve, and funds allocated in the spring rather than the summer, the schools were able to hire 70 percent of their teachers between March and early June.


Better teachers, and greater teacher retention. The school principals reported that this was the best recruiting class in the district’s history. By focusing on the spring and early summer, our client was able to hire 35 percent more teachers during the same time period than in previous years and it wasn’t simply a matter of filling slots, it was the ability to attract the best talent earlier in the process.

Obviously, this hiring model requires a new and different way of thinking. Some districts fear the potential of overstaffing their schools if they hire earlier. In this case, our advice to our client was simple: it doesn’t mean spending more, it means spending at a different time, and the dividends will continue to grow. Our client agrees with our philosophy that the wisest investment a district can make is to place the highest-quality teachers in every classroom.

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