Success Story – Retention of Highly Effective Teachers

Retention of Highly Effective Teachers


Our client, an urban K-12 feeder pattern, experienced tremendous turnover each year, losing some of their most effective and experienced teachers. Statistics show that it is nearly impossible to consistently replace teachers of this caliber on a yearly basis. So for our client, the ability to retain these teachers was urgent.


Resolve Talent Consulting partnered with our client to increase the retention rate of their best teachers. Our first order of business: interviewing top educators to learn why they would consider leaving and what would keep them in their current positions. From our research, we discovered several sustainable and strategic initiatives that we could implement. We first developed objective criteria for identifying the “best teachers” for each of the schools. Then we recognized the accomplishments and skills of these excellent teachers, and gave them a forum to share with the Superintendent what was going well, and what concerns they had within their school and across the feeder pattern. We also asked for their opinions and input on decisions the executive leadership team had made or was considering. As a result, these teachers understood that their voices were heard and they had the ability to influence change. And as an ongoing benefit, we provided coaching and professional growth opportunities.


Retention of the very best teachers increased up to 87 percent, with 106 of the 122 teachers remaining in our schools. This is in marked contrast to many schools where retention is typically around 70 to 75 percent. Not only have we experienced the retention of excellent teachers, this solution has allowed us to build a pipeline or succession plan for leadership. Of the teachers identified as the very best, to date 25 have already received promotions.

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