Success Story – Attracting and Hiring a Diverse Workforce

Attracting and Hiring a Diverse Workforce


A learning community made up exclusively of Title I schools with a high concentration of minorities needed a workforce that more closely reflected the population they were serving. But with report after report showing that minorities continue to leave the education field at significant rates, it was a challenging proposition to build a staff rich in diversity.


Resolve Talent Consulting partnered with the learning community for a two-year initiative to attract quality educators that reflected the student population they served. We focused our efforts in two main areas – marketing and screening. We crafted our communications to ensure that all of our marketing connected with the demographics we were seeking to increase. Next, we focused on diversity during the screening and interviewing processes, so that the full value that each applicant brought to the table was recognized and rewarded.


Over this two-year period, we were able to increase the talent and diversity of the educators we hired, and now 49 percent of the learning community’s workforce is made up of minorities. We have experienced growth in the representation of African-American, Asian and Hispanic educators, with the largest gains in the African-American population. With many school systems experiencing rapid decline in African-American educators over the last few years, Resolve Talent Consulting has increased this subgroup so that it now represents 44 percent of the schools’ workforce.

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